Luc Scheepers

Clinical Psychologist

Frequently asked questions

I have to complete a PMB form in order to access your services through my medical aid. Will you complete a form for me and help me with my application?

It is the responsibility of clients to check with their medical aid scheme plans the conditions for claiming for psychological services. For information on prescribed minimum benefits (PMB) please see the Council for Medical Schemes website Following an in-session assessment of your symptoms and if your diagnosis qualifies for PMB, I will assist you with your application.

How often should I consult with you?

Research evidence suggests that more frequent appointments over a shorter duration leads to the person experiencing benefit from therapy sooner than persons meeting with the therapist infrequently. However, I have seen clients meeting me fortnightly or once-a-month deriving considerable benefit from therapy too. I think frequency of appointments will depend on the person him/herself, the nature of the problem, and practical considerations (costs, scheduling and travel difficulties). My general recommendation for new clients would be to start therapy on a once-a-week (or more frequent) basis, to see how it goes and if positive changes occur, and to later consider increasing the length of time between appointments. We could return to a more frequent meeting arrangement depending on the client's needs and changing circumstances. Upon termination of therapy, clients are welcome to consult with me again in the future as needed 

My doctor has prescribed me medication to improve my mood / feel less anxious / help me sleep better. The medication is not having the desired effect / I'm feeling a bit better, but I still experience some of the same problems. Can you help me?

Research evidence suggests that psychiatric intervention (e.g. medicine) in combination with psychotherapy has better mental health outcomes than a medication-only approach. I work in collaboration with other health professionals, including those who are medically-trained and allowed to prescribe medicine (GPs and psychiatrists). I can assist with a referral to such professionals on request and if therapeutically indicated. 

On which topics do you present webinars, workshops and educational lectures?

I present webinars, workshops and educational lectures to schools (learners and staff), clinics, NGOs, support groups, companies, government departments, and others. Some of the topics are presented in association with fellow local health professionals. The topics which I present include (but are not restricted to) the following: 

  • When to seek help for mental health problems (identification and treatment options)
  • Stress management
  • Understanding anxiety and its treatments 
  • Depression as a bio-psycho-social phenomenon 
  • Suicide
  • Gender and sexuality 
  • Effective parenting 
  • Couple conflict communication

The person / organisation is also welcome to suggest a topic for which I will develop a presentation.

Please contact me via cell or email if you have any other questions