Luc Scheepers

Clinical Psychologist

My approach

I am a relationship-focused therapist with an approach informed by various scientifically-validated psychotherapy schools of thought. 

I respect my clients’ independence and individuality, and their agency to change at their own pace and according to their own wishes. I invite my clients to openly discuss with me what methods they experience as helpful or unhelpful. 

My personal style is to integrate psychodynamic therapy with symptom-focused cognitive-behavioural and mindfulness techniques, where appropriate.

Psychodynamic therapy focuses on how unconscious motivations and past experiences influence our self-esteem and ways of relating to others. During therapy, clients experience changes in their thoughts, feelings, and behaviour as they come to understand themselves better.

In cognitive-behavioural therapy, the client and the psychologist develop and agree on methods to lessen the severity and frequency of distressing symptoms. Clients are encouraged to keep a record of their experiences, and to practice and utilise these methods - in-session and at home.

Mindfulness techniques involve the focusing of one’s attention on the present moment. By using mindfulness techniques, the intensity of emotional distress can be reduced as one becomes more keenly aware of the “now”, instead of one’s past pain or future worries.