Luc Scheepers

Clinical Psychologist


I provide psychotherapy to persons with a variety of problems, diagnoses and emotional challenges:  

Work stress
Relationship conflict 
Children with emotional and behaviour problems
Psychological adjustment to the loss of a loved one
Psychological adjustment to major life transitions
Stress, anxiety, and panic attacks 
Depression and bipolar disorder 
Self-harm and suicide risk
Drug and alcohol abuse 
Eating disorders
Post-traumatic stress
Psychological consequences of physical and sexual abuse
Personality disorder
Psychosis, for example schizophrenia

I also offer psychotherapy to persons who are generally feeling well and looking to discover more about themselves and how to further enhance their well-being and the quality of their relationships with others.

What is psychotherapy?

The term “psychotherapy” is derived from the Greek words psyche (meaning: breath, spirit, soul) and therapeia (meaning: healing, medical treatment). As such, psychotherapy is focused on helping the person by attending to the self – one’s subjective experience of reality; one’s consciousness or personality; what we mean when we say “I”.

During psychotherapy the psychologist offers a safe haven where the person can fully reveal the “I”. The client gets the opportunity to share thoughts and feelings without interruption or fear of judgement. The psychologist listens well and helps the person make sense of his/her inner experience. The therapeutic relationship – the interaction between client and psychologist – becomes a secure base for self-exploration and initiates a process in which self-acceptance and healthy coping with life challenges is enhanced.

Every person has a unique “I” and therefore the outcome of psychotherapy cannot be predicted with absolute certainty. People also react to life challenges in their own individual ways. That is why psychotherapy could be a process of shorter or longer duration, considering that it depends on the nature of the problem, the client’s personality and particular needs, and other relevant factors.

Whatever the reason for the visit, whoever the client might be, and whatever the duration of treatment – psychotherapy has the potential to begin a process within the person which may lead to new insights about the “I” – insights which may bring about positive life changes.

At my practice, I offer psychotherapy to individual clients – children, teenagers, and adults. In addition, I offer family therapy, workshops and educational lectures to companies, schools, clinics, and other organisations interested in learning more about topics within the mental health field.